Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa is a real-life magic wand for your kitchen

Amazon dash Wand

The next time you run out dish soap, you could add the item to your shopping list via Google Home, or you could ask Alexa to add one to your next AmazonFresh order. You could even pull out a paper and pencil like an Aunt Tillie and write “dish soap” on a real, literal, physical shopping list, before the long and tedious trek to the supermarket. Or, you could grab your magic wand, point it at the empty bottle, and go about your day. Really. That’s what Amazon’s Dash Wand with Alexa is for, and with a $20 Amazon credit after purchasing, it’s basically free. That’s magic. 

Amazon dash

With the new Dash Wand you can scan things around your house via the included barcode scanner and have those items added to your shopping cart, so if you run out of an item, you can make sure it’s included in your next order. For anything you don’t already own it also has a button and mic, so you can just tell Alexa to add an item to your shopping list. To make things even easier, it comes with three free months of AmazonFresh grocery delivery (in supported areas), so you can even scan or ask for groceries like meat and produce, and they’ll arrive right at your door.

amazon dash wand

In addition to groceries, you can order any non-digital item from Amazon’s store. The Dash Wand also supports most of the other features of Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant, though Amazon’s site admits it doesn’t support all features. So while you are mucking about in the kitchen, you can convert between units, or ask for specific recipes and receive step-by-step guidance. And, when things go wrong, you can even ask Alexa about nearby restaurants. It also supports questions about info on your calendar, traffic, weather, movie showtimes, and you can even control compatible smart home devices

The Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa (real name, no joke, sort of wish I was kidding) runs on two AAA batteries, and it is magnetic so it can stick to any steel surface. If you prefer a cleaner look in your kitchen, it also comes with a hook sized for the convenient loop at the end. But, I know I’ll be tossing mine right next to the “Museum of Food” sign on my fridge.

Alexa, what’s the volume of the average stomach? Now, how many milliliters are in a pint of ice cream? Two pints? Let’s split the difference and order five, Alexa.


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