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Android P may be the last version of Google’s Android operating system

It’s the end of Android ?

Yes, its all true that Android P may be the last version of Android. It’s the end of an era with the end of Android operating system. Android operating system captured the 86% of the market share. But it’s the end for our beloved Android operating system.

Fuchsia os

But don’t be sad, Google is replacing Android with its new Operating system called as Fuchsia Os showcased by google last year and now Fuchsia OS just showed up in AOSP, but most importantly, in the ART (Android Runtime) branch. Looks like they’re building Fuchsia with ART…which would suggest native Android app support. AOSP is an initiative created by Google for the development of the Android mobile platform for open source use cases. The OS has been spotted in the Android Runtime branch, which is an application run-time environment, suggesting that Google might bring the support for Android apps on the new OS.

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Features of Fuchsia Os :

Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called Zircon. Fuchsia is capable on a range of devices such as embedded systems, smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Google Fuchsia os

Fuchsia is also heavily focused on a cards-based interface, in which every app you open appears inside one of these cards – plus, you can place multiple apps into a single card. This orients the user around tasks at hand rather than apps. Those apps are expected to look the same across different devices because of a new cross-platform mobile app development framework, developed by Google, known as Flutter.

Fuchsia os

 Beyond that, Google Fuchsia revolves around Google Assistant more deeply accessing and working with your apps and information to provide even more actions and insights. Google has referred to these apps and pieces of information as ‘entities’, according to a GitHub developer page, and they’re all accessible by Google Assistant on Fuchsia. Fuchsia is Google’s attempt to get the best of Chrome and Android into a single operating system that’s more efficient both while you’re using it and when you’re away – not to mention in between those states or between devices.

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