Google launches Funding Choices, a way for users to pay sites to hide ads

You may recall Google Contributor, which was a service by Google that allowed users to pay a monthly contribution to see fewer ads online. Your money would directly substitute the money earned by the site for advertisements. Contributor was discontinued in late 2016, with Google saying that an improved version would become available in “early 2017.”

 Google Contributor

Today, the company launched Funding Choices, the successor to Contributor. Currently in beta, it allows sites to show a customized message to visitors using an ad blocker. The message asks users to either enable ads for the site, or pay for a pass through Contributor that removes all ads on that site. Pretty simple.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I really wish Android Police would do this,” then you’re in luck. We’ve been part of Google’s internal beta, but we’re not quite ready to roll it out. Just know that we are definitely working on it.

The new Contributor site doesn’t seem to be live yet, but there will likely be more details there soon.


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