HBO Hackers Threaten Game Of Thrones Season Finale

Game Of Thrones hackers have left HBO in little doubt of their intentions, by dumping  social media account passwords on on the web, following the theft of confidential data.

In the latest update to HBO’s hacking woes, assailants have threatened to leak the Game of Thrones season finale before it is due to air next Sunday. The hackers revealed their plans to the Mashable website in an email.

No dragons in the Matrix

The hackers behind the HBO hack collectively refer to themselves as the ‘Mr. Smith group.’ They have so far released some 1.5 terabytes of information hacked from HBO, including scripts and other crucial information about the employees.

The “Mr Smith group” told tech site Mashable that it had access to “many HBO platforms” warning that HBO should be “ready” for the leak of episode seven onto the web before this season’s Game of Thrones is due to air.

HBO have so far  refused to pay a multimillion dollar ransom demand to the hackers, who successfully hacked HBO systems in July and have since leaked a series of embarrassing documents, emails and unaired shows.

Game Of Thrones

Hackers galore

HBO has found itself in the center of several different hacking groups in recent months. The hackers that leaked episodes of Game of Thrones on Reddit earlier this month are not part of the Mr Smith collective. Questions have also been asked about how seriously HBO have taken their netork security in recent weeks as well.

Another separate incident by a group of hackers known as OurMine earlier this month, managed to gain control of HBOs social media accounts. The group posted a message on both the company’s Twitter and Facebook feeds which read:

Recently, OurMine, another group of hackers had managed to gain control of the company’s social media accounts. The group went on to post a message on both Twitter and Facebook, which read, “Hi OurMine here, we are just testing your security, HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security – -> Contact.”

Winter is coming.

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