How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

7 ways to keep your smartphone cool

Sun’s out, the smartphone’s out. But don’t forget that in addition to slathering on the sunscreen, you’ll have to keep your phone protected, too.



Summer is all about streaming the hits of year’s past and shooting a bounty of selfies. But while you’re out doing that, remember to keep tabs on how hot your smartphone becomes as you’re having fun.

The warmer weather months don’t offer a friendly climate for electronics, and the heat can actually be hazardous to overall device health. Here are a few tips to keep your smartphone cool for the summer.

1. Charge your phone properly

How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

This one seems fairly simple but there are good ways to charge and bad ways to charge. Some of these are probably listed in the long-forgotten user manual but here are some general guidelines to follow. Here’s some more useful advice on how to save battery life. 

Firstly, make sure your smartphone is out of its case and away from anything else that may cause the battery to heat up. A battery subjected to hot conditions will not last as long as others and, in extremely rare cases, may even cause an explosion.

It’s also best not to charge your device for too long in the daytime heat. So, tough as it may be, perhaps just charge to 70 or 80 percent during the day and fully charge the device at night when the battery has run down.

2. Don’t leave the phone in the car

Grab one of these if you need to tend to use turn-by-turn directions, in your car, during the hot summer months.

There’s a reason it’s illegal in some areas to leave your child or a pet behind in a hot car. Even with the windows cracked a bit, cars are effectively giant metal incubators. It’s also why you shouldn’t leave your smartphone behind.

Overall, it’s best to pre-plan where you’ll put things before you get into the vehicle. If you’re driving long distances, for example, grab a magnetic car mount to keep the phone affixed to the air conditioning vent as you’re using turn-by-turn directions. If you have to leave the phone in the car for safety reasons, try storing it in the trunk instead. That’s the part of the car with the least “greenhouse gas” effect 

How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

Another rule I abide by is to never leave any gadgets in the glove compartment, even if I’m streaming music and my phone is connected to the auxiliary cable located inside. Glove boxes are hot enough to melt the cassette tapes of yore, and unless you’ve got an air conditioning vent located inside, it’s definitely hot enough to toast your electronics.

3. Turn off what you don’t need 

Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS — if you don’t need these things while you’re out and about, turn them off. That will ensure your phone isn’t working in overtime in your purse or pocket while you’re out gallivanting in sun-stroked gardens. It’ll also be a boon for battery life, which you’ll want considering how much warmer a smartphone gets when it’s plugged in for a charge.

4. Take off the case

How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

You wouldn’t wear layers in the hot summer heat, right? There is no need to pile them on top of your smartphone, either. If you’re in need of a case because you’re engaging in outside activity, put the phone inside an Otterbox and keep the screen off during your excursion.

5. Keep devices separate

I don’t live in a humid climate or in the desert, so I’ve never had this sort of issue. But if you’re walking around with several devices clustered in a bag or backpack and the air is positively thick with heat, be sure that they’re powered off and kept in separate compartments. This gives all the metal things on your shoulder a little room to breathe as the world outside bakes everything else.

6. Don’t put it in the fridge

How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

The best thing to do if you feel like your device is too hot is to slowly cool it down by turning it off completely and leaving it alone for a while. You should also unseat the battery pack, if it’s removable, and definitely place the phone away from direct sunlight.

7. Don’t use Apps To cool your phone

How to keep your smartphone cool during summer

Some apps claims that they will cool your phone. Is it magic! No These apps just closes your open apps and increases load of CPU and inturn increases your phone’s temperature. The apps which are closed by these apps will try to open again and increases CPU load and once again these running apps are closed by your app and this process repeats again and again. So these apps just increase the temperature of your phone. So uninstall them is a good step. Whats you think tell us in comments below.

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