Facebook is testing a floating button for suggested videos

Facebook is testing a floating button

It seems like every week there’s something new popping up in Facebook’s Android app. I’ve lost track and count, but I’m fairly sure we’ve never seen them mess with floating action buttons (FAB) in this way before. Two tipsters have reported seeing a new FAB in Facebook for suggested videos… and really, that’s about it.

fb floating button
fb floating button

Tapping the FAB opens a new page that shows a list of videos suggested for you to watch. Because Facebook needs you to watch more videos, obviously, and a FAB is one of the best ways to attract a user’s attention and/or elicit accidental taps.

This does seem to be a server-side test and we’re not sure if it’s only showing up for those running the beta or for everyone. Either way, I don’t think a lot of you would be heartbroken if it isn’t showing up for you yet.

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