Swiftkey Beta adds GIF input, hashtag prediction, and new language transliteration

Swiftkey Beta adds GIF input, hashtag prediction

SwiftKey Beta has received another big update in the last 24 hours, introducing a selection of new features and patching up some old bugs. For starters, the popular keyboard app now includes GIF support. That’s right, you can now find GIFs directly from the keyboard, much like you can already do if you’re using Gboard. You can find all the GIFs you’ll ever need to pester your friends with tucked away via the emoji panel.


The SwiftKey Beta has also expanded the number of transliteration languages supported by the keyboard. Transliteration being the use of a roman-character approximation for words in another language, which can then be translated rather closely into a languages native text. Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi & Telugu are the latest languages to be supported.

 Perhaps a more minor feature now included in the SwiftKey Beta is the introduction of hashtag prediction. These predictions appear right next to regular text input suggestions, and will pull the most recently trending tags for you. The update also includes a couple of crash fixes when deleting certain pieces of punctuation

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