Whatsapp Now Let You Pin Your Favourate Chats On Top

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WhatsApp Pin Chats feature to help you keep important chats in sight

 WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook, is bringing a new feature to the app. This feature will allow users to pin the most important chats right on top of the screen. In other words, to find important chats you will not have to scroll through tens of other chat threads once this feature is enabled. Currently it is part of WhatsApp beta with users expected to get it in the final build of WhatsApp soon. To use the “pin important chats” feature, users will have to update their app.
whatsapp pin feature
whatsapp pin feature

Such a feature has been previously seen on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The pin post feature on WhatsApp is currently available only for the beta users. Users with WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163 versions can enjoy the feature. The feature is presently in its testing stage and will be soon available on both Android and iOS. However, as per a report coming from Android Police, this new WhatsApp feature will be initially rolled out to the Android users and later the iOS users will receive it. This is exactly how WhatsApp rolls out its new features.

For an avid Facebook and Twitter user, this feature is nothing new. Groups on Facebook has the ability to pin an important post right at the top of the page, but unfortunately, it isn’t available for the individual Facebook users. On the other hand, all the Twitter users can pin posts on their profile. Android Police was the first one to report about the WhatsApp pin post feature.

For the post pinning feature on WhatsApp, users can only pin 3 contacts. If the user tries to pin more than 3 chats, WhatsApp will pop-up a message stating — you can’t pin more than three chats. By bringing this feature on WhatsApp, the application reduces the burden of scrolling down the long chat list for the users.

Here’s how the feature works:

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp messenger on your Android or iOS phone

STEP 2: Long press on the most contacted chat

STEP 3: Pin option will appear right next to the delete, mute, and archive icons at the top right corner of the screen

STEP 4: Click on the Pin icon, after which the chat will be pinned at the top of the screen

After successfully testing the feature, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is expected to eventually roll out the feature to both Android and iOS. However the no information on when the Pin feature might official release. After pinning the chat, the user will also be able to unpin the chat as per their requirement. To unpin the chat, the user will just have to long press the pinned chat and click on disable pin.

Days ago, WhatsApp also introduced a new feature for the iOS users. The feature allows users to send, read and draft WhatsApp message with the help of Siri. This will reduce the burden of typing long messages. The users just have to speak out their messages hearing which Siri will automatically draft the message. After which the user will have to name the contact and say “Send”. Hearing this, Siri will send the message to the respective WhatsApp contact.

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