Why all chinese smartphone companies copping Apple

We all know that Apple is very big company. The phone it sold is more that all phones sold my all Chinese manufacturers. When we see 3 to 4 years back every chinese person have Apple iphone. So this means chinese like Apple and ios And also Google is ban in china so they can’t use Google services there so the only option for them is Apple.

Oneplus 6 and iphone X

Now some Chinese company came forward and copy the whole iPhone and ios. Because they know people will like iPhone design and ios like software. They not only copy iPhone design but also copy the whole ios software. The os we see in Chinese manufactures like oppo, vivo, xiaomi all have there os copied from ios. So this makes easy for peoples to transfer from ios to Android. Also they make there own App stores because Google services are ban in China .

So the question is what the get from is … So the answer is everything because these companies are very small and can’t take risk with there innovation. The example is notch in iphone notch . Apple take the risk and when notch is successful all chinese manufacture flooded market with notch . So we know all people can’t afford Apple so many people buy there phones because they are chep and looks like iPhone x . So these companies never take risk and wait for big companies to take risk and follow them

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